Andreis: Christmas Trees and Carvings

We visited a tiny village in the Dolomites known for it’s Christmas tree displays called Andreis.  Unknowingly, we took a  backroad to get there and with Derek not feeling well, the twists and turns were very unkind. The one lane Alpine roads are no joke.  It took us over an hour to get there and it turned out to be about 10 minutes behind Maniago!

Almost every home had a Christmas tree or wooden carving outside or peeking through the window.  20151224-_DSC2316

A playground is always a highlight!

The streets were filled with wooden carvings.


I loved these wooden candles in planters all over the village!


More trees…

I thought this display was adorable!

We stopped for lunch at the only small restaurant in the village.  They had the most delicious ham and cheese strudel which I believe both Derek and I have been dreaming about ever since.  We must return soon!

Beautiful village with stunning views!



Please don’t fall through!!!

I love the look of these trees for some reason.


4 thoughts on “Andreis: Christmas Trees and Carvings

  1. Lovely pictures of the village and the wood carvings are great. I like the trees with the greenery. Is that a vine growing up the tree?


  2. What a beautiful town and fun outing, but sorry Derek was sick. You need to frame that picture of the decorated ladder. Loved it!


  3. WHOA WHOA!!!!! I’ve not been receiving updates and I’m so glad I checked. I need to doubel check and make sure I’m signed up.

    AMAZING!!!!!! The towns look so beautiful! Between you and Kemie my horizons are broadening everyday. I just love all the different cultural customs!!

    Wonderful photos too – I sure miss you guysies!

    Liked by 1 person

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