Andalusia, Spain: Marbella

Next stop… Marbella!  We took a public bus from Granada to Marbella.  We were pleasantly surprised by the bus ride and found it enjoyable and relaxing.  The countryside was almost entirely olive groves and much greener than I had expected.



She’s got this figured out!

Pool time at last!

The pool was far too cold for me (and everyone else).  I don’t know how the kids braved it!


The resort had given them a sticker activity book at check in.  It was quite a hit!


The beach near old town Marbella had a great playground.

It was cold and windy and there were several people on the beach determined to sunbathe.  They looked so miserable.  I wish I had gotten a better picture — this was before the weather turned really nasty.  They still toughed it out.


Throwing rocks in the sea and finding shells is always a joy.


Time to warm up — coffee con Bailey’s hit the spot!  Benny and Clara chose to warm up with gelato instead.


The beach was getting far too cold so we took shelter wandering Marbella’s whitewashed alleys.


This could possibly be my favorite wall of all time.  I adored the blue flower pots clinging to the walls.


This is one of many, many paella samplings.


Old town Marbella is incredibly picturesque!




By this time, Clara was ready for a good nap.  She sleeps well in the carrier though it gets  painful quickly.


We spent the most splendid afternoon in this little bar sipping sangria and munching on more paella.  We visited with Germans at the next table while all of the kids played soccer in the street.  When the rain picked up we moved the party inside while the owner played his Spanish guitar and our waitress burst into song.  It was perfect!

The kids ran up and down the street over and over and never seemed to tire.


Finally some sunshine!!!  Time to enjoy the beach.  Benny loved finding jellyfish on the beach and immediately found a “bellyfish” sword.

Poor Sissy was knocked down by a wave and was so upset.  She looked cute in my jacket though!

We tried  the pool again, but the weather was just not on our side.  It was even to cold for Clara this time.  Benjamin braved it a little, but it wasn’t long before we were all in the hot tub.

It was a perfect night for bubbles!

More paella!  We ate a lot this trip! The truth is neither one of us are crazy about sea food, but feel guilty for not eating it when we are sitting on the sea.  We finally had to search YouTube for directions on how to eat the shrimp out of its shell. Pathetic. I know.


Next up in Andalusia…excursion to Ronda.


2 thoughts on “Andalusia, Spain: Marbella

  1. Loved this post. I want to go there so badly!The streets looked picture perfect. I STILL don’t know how to eat shrimp like that, even after three years in Asia! I just can’t get past the eyeball staring at me. So much I loved about this; the sunbather (why wasn’t he at least in one of the million empty chairs?), sister in your jacket, the small cafe with friends- those are the small things you’ll remember! Can’t wait for the next installment!

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