Andalucia, Spain: Ronda

We took a day trip to the white hill town of Ronda, which was a good plan because it was way too cold for anything involving a bathing suit.  With twisty wet roads on the edge of a cliff, the bus ride was terrifying, but the scenery was breathtaking.

We were a bit worried getting off the bus because it was COLD! We were not prepared for such a fierce wind.  Luckily, once we got into the main town.  The narrow alleys provided some protection.


The town straddles the spectacular El Tajo gorge with the Guadalevin River at the bottom.  The gorge separates the city’s old town from its new town.


A closer look at the rickety deck barely clinging to the cliff. How does one even go about building something like this?



We tasted terrible wine as part of a walking tour.  It was so bad we almost couldn’t drink it. Anybody who knows us knows that we aren’t too picky.  It was clearly a trap to make tourists feel they are getting something for their money!


Poor Clara came down with a fever this day and spent the entire time in the baby carrier.

Derek got to test his Spanish speaking skills in the local pharmacy.


We wandered through the narrow alleys in the rain.


The impressive bridge, Ponte Nuovo, connects old town to new town and took over 40 years to build.  The view from the top is unbelievable, and according to what I’ve read, even more dramatic from the bottom.  I regret not enduring the descent.


Ronda is allegedly the birthplace of the Spanish bullfighting tradition and is the home of the Plaza de Toros – Spain’s oldest bullfighting ring.


Hope this picture was worth it because I lost my balance and toppled into a big puddle of rain in front of a large group.  It’s hard taking photos with a baby on your back!!




Churros and chocolate…yum!!! I couldn’t think a better way to end the day!




5 thoughts on “Andalucia, Spain: Ronda

  1. Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU for the blog post!! I love it. That city looks amazing but I’m shocked at how cold it was – when did you go there?
    I’m sorry Sissy was sick 😦
    I loved the bull fighting history!
    Good Job (ps… when are you coming back to visit???)


  2. Don’t know how I missed this! The pics are amazing, as usual! I wish there was apic of you falling down to get the perfect shot!


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