Gibraltar was about an hour away from our hotel in Marbella so we hopped on the bus and headed out there for the day.  Though it’s located at the very tip of Spain, it is actually British territory.



The Rock of Gibraltar, a limestone ridge jutting straight out of the sea, is the main landmark of Gibraltar.  We were able to see Africa from the top.


Much of the top of the rock is a nature preserve which is home to the apes Barbary macaques.  They were a little scary, but so fun to watch.  Now the kids know what I’m talking about when I lecture them about “monkeying around”!


These two got a little closer to the ape than I would like to be and he just happened to leave a surprise for them!  Benny thought this was so hilarious!


This big guy was barely INCHES from crashing into me!  He came leaping through a window right as I was walking past.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt me heart beat so quickly!!! Terrifying!


We got to witness some of them getting into trouble.  The gift shop had left a box of merchandise unattended…it didn’t take long before the “monkey business” began.  The employees did not look happy.

There must be something tasty in here!
The aftermath

Of course we couldn’t leave the top of the rock without taking a monkey with us.


The main streets were quite bustling and had great shopping.  It was so refreshing to speak english without feeling guilty!

Now THIS is what I call fish n’ chips!


…and the freshest chicken nuggets I’ve ever seen!


It was quite a delightful day and I would definitely like to go back some day to explore more of the city and nature preserves.


3 thoughts on “Gibraltar

  1. Pam…..these are great! You do such a good job and are very clever with the wording. Looks like a good trip. After we leave you in Portugal in Sept, we fly to London and sail thru the Straits of Gibraltar. Hopefully we get to explore here also! Next time make sure Derek gets some pictures of you also!
    Thanks. We really enjoy these. Gwen

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  2. OH yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!! The blog is back!!!!!! Oh thank you – two great posts! I love reading about it and seeing my kidlets!!! Keep it up!!!!

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  3. Monkey’s are terrifying critters, super smart and aggressive! I want to eat that food right this second! I am so glad you’re doing this, keep it up!

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